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  Hot Flashes
  Night Sweats
  Irregular Periods
  Loss of Libido
  Vaginal Dryness
  Crashing Fatigue
  Difficulty Concentrating
  Hair Loss
  Sleep Disorders
  Weight Gain
  Memory Lapses
  Mood Swings
Breast Tenderness
  Migraines & Headaches
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Doctor Comments of MacaActive

Herbal MacaActive is being used effectively for centuries in the high Andes of Peru, and it's currently is gaining more and more adepts all over the world.

Not only women, but also medical specialists agree that this herbal supplement really relieves menopause symptoms. Keep reading to now what medical specialists think about herbal MacaActive.
Normalized Hormone Levels with MacaActive Supplements
Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici Ph.D. (Nature & Health magazine, nov. 1999).
"Unlike estrogen replacement therapies with drugs, which are basically resumed in taking laboratory synthetic hormones, natural MacaActive acts totally different in your body. It stimulates your own human hormone production, by inducing the optimal functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands", says Dr. Chacon.

What is MacaActive?
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"Rather than taking risky drugs to supply hormones into your body, MacaActive acts naturally, nourishing your glands with natural elements inducing proper production of your own estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones".

MacaActive for Hot Flashes and the 34 Menopause symptoms
Dr. Henry Campanile, M.D., a 50-year old specialist in internal and family medicine practicing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"I have an adrenal disorder, which means that my body is not able to keep healthy hormone levels. That is why I started taking hormone drugs in my late twenties to relieve the fatigue that I was already feeling. Knowing the dangers of long term hormone drug use, I looked around for an alternative, and this circumstance is what got me interested in alternative medicine.

One of my patients told me about MacaActive, and I started taking it about a month ago. It is phenomenal! I haven't felt this good since I was 20 years old. I have so much energy and look so well that my patients have remarked on it and told me how rested I used to seem. I've got so much energy now have started an exercise program."

After trying it out on himself, Dr. Campanile began using Macaactive with his patients. "My first patient to take the MacaActive tablets was experiencing hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

She started feeling much better after using this herb for only four days. I'm also employing it with patients who have hormonal imbalance."

MacaActive for Sexual Functioning and Fertility
Dr. Garry P. Gordon, M.D., from Chicago, Illinois. Former President of the American College of Advanced Longevity Medicine.

"Society faces a huge problem with sex hormone difficulties. But MacaActive promises a nontoxic solution with no downside effects. It's a therapy that offers women the chance for hormonal rejuvenation. What doctors see in MacaActive is a means of normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen.

Therefore it has facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging. It acts on women to restore them to a healthy functional sexual status in which they experience a more active libido.

Lots of women who previously believed their sexual problems were difficult to treat are now using MacaActive to improve their sexual health. Of course, as someone interested in longevity, I'm aware that mortality comes on much sooner for those individuals whose sexual activity is diminished or nonexistent. I believe that people who have a healthy sex life live longer. I've found sexual activity to be a reliable marker for overall ageing."

MacaActive Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Dr. Harold Clark, M.D., from New Rochelle, New York.

Dr. Clark, who utilizes different kinds of alternative therapies in addition to herbs, vitamins and minerals in his practice, stated: "I'm amazed at how fast MacaActive worked on one patient that I have been concerned about for some time." He described one patient as 55 year-old Mary T, a postmenopausal woman. Mary T was possessed of numerous disorders caused by hormonal imbalance, most of them menopausal. Those provoke that she got acutely ill for two months with crashing fatigue.

Unable to work, Mary T was suffering from great fatigue and depression and feeling "worse and worse" over the last five years. "Within just four days of taking MacaActive, Mary T went through an enormous turnaround," said Dr. Clark. "She has gone out to shop in the stores; she's cleaned her house; she feels strong and vigorous; also, her hot flashes and depression are gone."

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100% pure and natural MacaActive will help you relieve the 34 menopause symptoms and obtain the hormone balance and extra energy your body needs.
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Balancing Hormones for a Healthy Life!
Try MacaActive herbal supplement for treating the 34 menopause symptoms and having an hormonal rejuvenation. It's safer and less expensive than risky hormone drug therapies with pills, creams or patches. For centuries MacaActive has proven to be an extraordinary supplement to eliminate menopause symptoms, increase energy, fertility and hormonal function.
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34 Menopause Symptoms  
34 Menopause Symptoms MacaActive
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