Herbs for Menopause
Usual Symptoms
  Hot Flashes
  Night Sweats
  Irregular Periods
  Loss of Libido
  Vaginal Dryness
  Crashing Fatigue
  Difficulty Concentrating
  Hair Loss
  Sleep Disorders
  Weight Gain
  Memory Lapses
  Mood Swings
Breast Tenderness
  Migraines & Headaches
Other Symptoms
  Natural Hormones
  Sexual Health Infertility

MacaActive Benefits
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Health Benefits of MacaActive

Traditionally, MacaActive has been used for variety purposes. For example, women have found it helps relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause.
MacaActive has a great reputation as an efficient natural hormonal balancer that can treat symptoms of menopause. MacaActive may also help treat other conditions associated with hormone imbalance, such as depression, infertility, fatigue, and PMS. Women tend to notice a dramatic decline in hot flashes and night sweats. But also, MacaActive is being used to enhance fertility and sexual function. Keep reading for a full list of MacaActive's health benefits.
Hormonal Balance
MacaActive promotes a more efficient hormonal functioning in your body. As a result, your own body can control many hormonal disorders women could have for a natural and healthy life.

Menopause Symptoms Relief
Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and all the 34 menopause symptoms can be effectively controlled with MacaActive. This herbal supplement normalizes unbalanced estrogen levels, which is the main cause for menopause symptoms.
What is MacaActive?
How MacaActive works?
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Healthy Sexual Functioning
MacaActive increases your sexual wellbeing and activity by restoring testosterone levels in both sexes for a natural increase in libido, sex drive and sexual performance.

Increased Energy and Vitality
Besides from improving your hormonal system, MacaActive has great concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which provides additional energy for your daily tasks and more.

Enhanced Fertility
Estrogen and progesterone hormones are essential for fertility. MacaActive balances the necessary hormone levels of both, before and during pregnancy.

Strengthened Immune System
Immune system function is affected when hormones are not correctly balanced. This is why MacaActive can notably help with a healthy immune system by balancing hormonal levels.
Relieve menopause symptoms efficiently with herbal MacaActive
"MacaActive has proven to be very effective with menopausal patients in eliminating hot flashes and depression. It also increases energy levels. Sometimes I have started the patient on MacaActive treatment with three capsules a day. In some cases I have increased the dosage to six tablets a day for full effectiveness."
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., practicing internal medicine in Patagonia, Arizona
Now women have a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy [HRT], said Viana Muller Ph.D. President of Whole World BotanicalsT, New York. MacaActive works in an entirely different and more satisfactory way for most women than phytoestrogenic herbs like black cohosh and licorice root. If you want to know about doctor comments on MacaActive properties for menopause treatment. to read more.
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100% pure and natural MacaActive will help you relieve the 34 menopause symptoms and obtain the hormone balance and extra energy your body needs.
MacaActive supplements promotes hormonal function libido and energy in women  
Balancing Hormones for a Healthy Life!
Try MacaActive herbal supplement for treating the 34 menopause symptoms and having an hormonal rejuvenation. It's safer and less expensive than risky hormone drug therapies with pills, creams or patches. For centuries MacaActive has proven to be an extraordinary supplement to eliminate menopause symptoms, increase energy, fertility and hormonal function.
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34 Menopause Symptoms  
34 Menopause Symptoms MacaActive
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