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HIV and Early Menopause

HIV and Early Menopause

Women who are HIV+ live longer thanks to new medications and more research dedicated to the disease. As a result women live as long into their menopause years.

Research was conducted to see if the medication women were on for HIV had an effect on their hormonal changes during menopause. This study was taken at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Women around the ages of 42 were cross examined and went through interviews to classify various demographic factors. A total of 536 women were studied, half were infected and the other uninfected to compare results.

Women who are on medication and strong drugs are shown to have an onset of early menopause in their lives than women who are uninfected. Women who were are on higher doses of antiretroviral drugs showed much earlier symptoms of menopause than women on lower doses. These included hot flashes and depression. Depression in women on antiretroviral drugs was shown to be the highest symptom, besides the dosage given that can affect certain hormonal imbalances, it was also due to socio-economic reasons as well.
HIV medications bring on early menopause

Another test was later carried out on women with HIV in their early forties to show whether antiretroviral drugs brought on menopause at an earlier age. After tests done on 100 women, it had proved that HIV infected women on treatment had signs of early menopause. Other causes for this was many of them being under immense stress and previous bad life experiences.

Therefore it has been confirmed that HIV women on antiretroviral treatment experience menopause earlier than women who are not infected. Antiretroviral treatments help prolong the lives of people with HIV, but is prone to bringing on menopause symptoms earlier. It is has also proved to intensify depression and stress related symptoms in women going through menopause.

In conclusion, these tests and studies prove that antiretroviral drug therapies bring on early menopause in women.

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