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Hair loss during menopause takes emotional toll

Hair loss during menopause takes emotional toll

Hair loss is a menopause symptom that is less common than other symptoms such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness, but may have a greater emotional impact, says a new study. According to a clinical review published in the British Medical Journal, sudden hair loss in women can result in psychological trauma and disorders like anxiety and depression.

Hair loss in women is typically known as "alopecia," a chronic, inflammatory dermatological condition affecting the hair follicles which causes hair loss on the head and/or body. The causes of alopecia are varied, ranging from stress, to hormonal disorders, to unidentified causes. Although a large body of medical literature discusses this condition, far less focus is placed on the emotional effects of hair loss.

In order to examine the emotional impact of alopecia, researchers Nigel Hunt and Sue McHale reviewed articles discussing hair loss in women from a variety of sources going back to 1980. The researchers found that hair loss can have severe psychological consequences for women.

Hair tends to be an important part of feminine self-identity and self-esteem, and unexpected hair loss can be severely detrimental to the patient's self-image, triggering anxiety and depression. Some women have even reported feelings akin to bereavement upon losing their hair, such as they would feel after losing a loved one. Women suffering from alopecia areata, when only patches of hair are lost, suffered from fewer emotional side effects than women with alopecia totalis, where all the hair on the head is lost.
chart: 40% of women report marital problems due to alopecia, and 63% report career-related problems
The emotional consequences of hair loss in women can lead to family, social and work-related problems. 40% of women report marital problems as a result of their hair loss, while 63% report problems related to their careers. Psychological disorders are also more common in women with alopecia than in the rest of the population.

Doctors treating female patients with alopecia should be aware of the potentially detrimental psychological effects of the condition and take that into account when building a treatment plan. Finding cosmetic fixes (such as wigs) can help women to regain some self-esteem.

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