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Estrogen Essential for Healthy Heart

Estrogen Essential for Healthy Heart

It has long been known that women are at a far lesser risk for heart disease than men, and it has now been postulated that hormones are what makes the difference. Estrogen appears to play a critical role in cardiovascular health, says a recent article published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Estrogen appears to have this heart-healthy effect for a variety of reasons. Estrogen hormones have a multitude of vital effects on the vascular system: estrogen hormones promote the dilation of blood vessels, aid blood vessels in recovering from injury, and prevent hardening/clogging of the arteries. In fact, one study has shown a link between the number of estrogen receptors in coronary arteries and the likelihood for hardening of the arteries in premenopausal women, in that women with fewer estrogen receptors are more likely to experience hardening of the arteries.

Estrogen has also been shown to have an effect on blood coagulation and blood clotting, antioxidants (substances which inhibit the damaging actions of free radicals in cells), and the activity of certain molecules that affect the dilation/constriction of blood vessels, which are all important factors in heart disease. Estrogen also has a marked effect on cholesterol levels: several studies have shown that estrogen acts to decrease total blood cholesterol levels, and especially levels of the dangerous, artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and triglyceride fats, while increasing levels of the beneficial, artery-protecting HDL cholesterol. Estrogen has also been shown to increase the dilation of arteries in postmenopausal women during exercise, allowing for improved circulation.
estrogen hormones play a critical role in woman cardiovascular system

Furthermore, estrogen appears to stimulate the growth of the cells that line the blood vessels (technically known as "endothelial" cells), which may help to protect against and heal from injury. Estrogen also has been shown to diminish enlarged and/or broken blood vessels.

Risk for heart disease in women is linked to their estrogen levels. Premenopausal women have a lower risk of heart disease, when estrogen levels range from five to twenty times the estrogen levels of postmenopausal women (after menopause, estrogen levels may decline to levels even lower than in men). Postmenopausal women who receive estrogen therapy, however, can reduce their heart disease risk to premenopausal levels.
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